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    “Sharing Christ’s Love this Season”

WHEN:    December 10, 2016

WHERE:    Big Green Gym across from Eastgate Housing,

                   located at the corner of 19th & Locust, NLR.

TIME:    8:00 AM – Noon

You Can Help by Donating

Your donation empowers parents with a limited income to choose and purchase for their children new toys that have been discounted 75%.

  1.     Toy Donations Need to Be...

  2. $8 or more in value (see Wish List for suggestions)

  3. Left unwrapped

  4. Delivered with the original price tags left on toys. If your church is participating in the toy drive, please take your toys to your church’s collection center. If not, drop off your toys at the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, located at 10900 Rodney Parham RD, Little Rock, AR 72212.

  5. Deadline for donations: Tuesday, December 8th

  1.     Cash/Check Donations Need to Be...

  2. Made payable to River City Christmas Toy Store and mailed to Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, 10900 Rodney Parham RD, Little Rock, AR 72212.


It takes about 200 people to organize and run the Toy Store. If you’re interested in serving, we’d love your participation. See Volunteer Opportunity for a brief description of jobs. To sign up, contact Joe Murawski at 501-851-0224 or murawski1@sbcglobal.net.

2016 Toy Store Proceeds

The proceeds collected go to serve at-risk youth through the rest of the year by being equally divided between STEP Ministries and River City Church.  Both are well known, respected non-profits that provide physical, medical, mental, educational, and spiritual services all year long to the citizens of Little Rock and North Little Rock.

Watch the videohttps://vimeo.com/77293411